The best, craziest, most special Snakepit stories


Read the epic Snakepit stories of our visitors

Ever got goosebumps during that one epic moment at a party? Made new lifetime friends because of the music? Had an other event experience that you’ll never forget? Of course you all did! That’s why we asked you to share them. Read the awesome stories of the true uptempo hardcore heads, the Snakepit visitors, below. Can you imagine being asked to write in someone’s friendship book during a party?

Thank you all for sharing your stories. See you on the 8th of December for a new edition of Snakepit, filled with new epic moments and memories! Tickets are available at

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I made this friend because of Snakepit

“After the first edition of Snakepit I got into contact with Michele, as we were both trying to find out if and when the livesets were going to be released. We connected on Facebook, talked a lot over the months and kinda became friends. I’m from Germany but he lives in England, so it was hard to meet up. At the second edition of Snakepit we finally met! Long story short: hardcore connects people and Snakepit in specific made me a friend richer!” – Celina

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Friendship book

”That moment when some guy wearing a children’s backpack asked us if we wanted to write in his friendship book. When we answered yes, he pulled a ‘Woezel and Pip’ book and pink pen with feathers out of his bag. PRICELESS. These are the things that can only happen on Snakepit!’ – Elvira

The Snakepit atmosphere

”My best memory is Snakepit itself, the atmosphere! It felt like everyone was united and I had so much fun with people I’ve never met before. It’s the same feeling you get at most festivals, but this one was extra special and I’ll never forget it. See you at the next edition!” – Jacques

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From the beginning till the end

”The best moment was when Angernoizer started playing at 06:00 am and the whole area was still packed. That was brutal! ” – Mirek

Lights off, phones and lighters up!

”The second edition when Andy The Core played ‘Zombie’. He made the crew turn off all the lights and the crowd put up their phones and lighers. Unreal atmosphere.” – Katherine

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Universal language

”If we mention our true favorite Snakepit experience the organisation will ban us from this event forever. But this event melted us together. We were all in one universe because we all speak the same language. At Snakepit it doesn’t matter if you’re Estonian, German, Dutch or whatever. We all speak HARDCORE, our universal language!” – Johannes

Running into one of the artists

”After a massive set from Hyrule War, Emmy and I went to walk around in the venue. And guess who we saw? Hyrule War! Emmy and I started pointing at him in an overenthusiastic and deliberately exaggerated way. Then he pointed back at us. It was a magnificent moment!” – Manon

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