Interview with Juliëx

The newest Snakepit Music signing Juliëx is prepared to forge new heights by joining this commanding team. Ahead of opening this fresh chapter with her first release as a signed artist on November 2nd, we spoke with Juliëx about signing to the label, her new live-act and the track ‘Hunter’ with MC Robs.

• Hey Juliëx! Thanks for the quick chat. How is everything going at the moment?

I’m doing really fine, thanks for asking! I’m very excited for my show at Snakepit.

• Welcome to Snakepit Music officially. How does it feel to be a part of the label?

Thank you! I feel really excited and honoured to be part of the Snakepit label. This is definitely a big step in my career and also the first time ever that I joined a label. There’s a lot of music in the works and I can’t wait to let you hear it!

• Can you tell us more about your first release as a signed-artist and what other releases we can expect from you in the next months?

My first release is a collaboration with MC Robs and the track name is ‘Hunter’. The theme describes a message to never shy away from anything that comes on your path, to keep fighting for your goals and what you stand for! As for the next months, you can expect new solo tracks and hopefully also some cool collaborations.

• What have been your big highlights in 2023?

I definitely had a lot of cool highlights in 2023! First of all, I had my first overseas show in Australia. This was so special and also very unreal to be booked at the other side of the world. Besides that, I also played for the first time at the Defqon.1 Black stage. Defqon.1 is really special to me, because this was my first weekend festival as a visitor a few years ago. My first time visiting Defqon.1 really impressed me and when I started DJing it was my biggest dream to perform at the Black stage… And this year it happened!

I also made my Masters of Hardcore debut and did my first Juliëx live at the Dynamite Stage at Intents Festival. And of course, to close this year I will be playing at Thunderdome for the first time, which is also a big highlight in my career.

• What can visitors expect from your Snakepit performance as Juliëx live?

It will be a completely unique show, something visitors have never heard or seen before from me. It will be 30 minutes filled with all my own music, including some unreleased material. To make the show complete and special, I will also premiere my new show visuals for the first time.

• What artists are you hoping to work together with in 2024?

It would be really cool to collaborate with Spitnoise sometime! I like his music and I think our sounds can match well. I also would love to work with Bulletproof. We played a few times before and we have a lot of fun together on stage. So I think a girl power track would be super awesome!